Webinar: Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Do you find yourself sore from sitting in from of your computer every day?

Thursday, August 19th , 2021 , 6 – 7pm Zoom Webinar

Learn how to prevent hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries.

Finding yourself sitting in front of a computer can be tough on your body. Join us and Healthy Hands in an interactive space to learn more about ergonomics, posture, and basic stretching. Learn techniques to help alleviate the Work From Home Fatigue and get your questions answered.

Jyoti Mehta MOT, OT/L, CHT

Jyoti, a Certified Hand Therapist, Occupational Therapist, specializes in providing effective rehab for clients’ injuries/disorders including carpal tunnel, trigger fingers, tendinitis, arthritis, sports injuries etc. In her 20+ years of experience, Jyoti has coached people in different workforces about posture and ergonomics. She She believes that good posture plays a critical role in preventing injuries at all ages. Read more about Jyoti at  www.healthyhandstherapy.com

Simirthi Kaur Singh (moderator)

Simirthi is a pre-med student intern with us studying at University of the Pacific, and is taking the lead on bringing this webinar to you.  She hopes to gain new skills and knowledge in the field of medicine, private practice, and patient education, and injury prevention.  Read more about Simirthi  at www.sanmateoprimarycare.com