You can see your doctor without coming to our offices using our tele-medicine provider, UCSF Zoom. Most private insurance providers will cover tele-visists. Dr. Sangwan is a pioneer in the field of tele-medicine. She was the lead for the tele-medicine program at Cisco's LifeConnections Health Center.

Have an appointment?

Please call our office to schedule tele-visit & then click on this button

Have an appointment?

Please call our office to schedule a tele-visit & then click on this link.
  • What is Tele-Medicine?

    Tele-medicine is health-care that is provided from a distance, using modern technology and telecommunications tools. You can use your computer or smartphone to connect with the doctor without physically coming to the office.

  • Why Zoom?

    UCSF Zoom is a HIPAA compliant service which ensures that your personal information is protected and secure.  You should use Zoom for fast access for non-critical needs, such as prescription refills, a follow-up appointment, an answer to a health question, or urgent treatment for minor illness like the flu or an infection.

  • How to use UCSF Zoom to see the Doctor?

    Please call our office first to schedule an appointment for the tele-visit.

    You can schedule an tele-visit during typical office hours when you need something, but can’t come to our office.

    Sign in with your name and follow the instructions in the video above to allow the use of the camera & microphone on your device.

    Our office will receive your request, and let you know when the doctor will be ready to see you.

    You will be connected to the doctor via 2-way video from your computer or smartphone. The doctor will ask you questions to diagnose your condition, answer any questions you may have, and, if needed, send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy electronically.

  • How about New Patients

    Patients new to our practice can also been seen via tele-visit for minor medical issues requiring immediate attention. We expect the patient to follow-up with a physical visit to our office.

    If you are a new patient, please fill and submit (digital) health insurance and health intake form found in the New Patients Section.

  • What can be Treated?

    The doctor can treat a wide range minor, non-critical conditions such as a sore-throat, cold & cough, allergies, rashes, pink-eyes, sinus, urinary issues, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn via tele-visit.

    You can also use tele-visit for follow-up consultations, to renew prescriptions, and for general questions about any medical issue you may have.

    In some cases the doctor may ask you to physically come to the office, if she feels that a physical exam is desirable.

  • What can not be Treated?

    Tele-visit should not be used for emergency situations requiring immediate medical attention. If your condition is life-threatening please call 911 to get immediate medical attention.

    In some cases, the doctor may ask you to come to the office for a physical exam if they feel it is needed.

  • What about Prescriptions?

    The doctor will send your prescription directly to your preferred pharmacy. You do not have to come to the office to pick up the prescription.

  • How is a Tele-visit billed?

    Tele-visits are billed according to your insurance company’s billing standards for tele-medicine. Most commercial plans provide coverage for tele-visits. If we accept your insurance (we accept most), we will bill your insurance company directly, like any other office visit. As usual, you will be responsible for any co-payments due.