Preventable Chronic Diseases

If it were easy to reverse chronic diseases, nearly 2/3 (> 73 %), Americans would not be overweight or obese.

Studies show that some of the obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death.

Many factors impact your longevity and health. We can help you manage, reverse or treat chronic diseases such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, or high cholesterol. We will help you with strategies to prevent most lifestyle-related chronic conditions, shortening one’s lifespan and quality of life.

Here are some current facts on Chronic Diseases in the U.S. from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

  1. 6 in 10 (over half) Americans have a Chronic Disease
  2. 4 in 10 have two or more Chronic Diseases, including Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, and Alzheimer’s.
  3. 38% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes.
  4. Half of all Americans have Cardiovascular Disease.
  5. 1 in 3 Americans has Pre-Diabetes.
  6. 90% of 88 million Americans do not know they have it!
  7. 2 in 3 (72%) of Americans are Overweight or Obese