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    • JULY 21, 2022
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    Gurpreet K. Padam MD

    Gurpreet K Padam MD, FAAFP, DipABLMDepartment of Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Padam, a Certified National DPP Lifestyle Coach is a board-certified Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine sub-specialist with a postdoctoral Palliative Medicine Fellowship training from the Interdisciplinary Stanford/VA Palo Alto program and a mini-fellowship in Ethno-Geriatrics from the Stanford Geriatric Education Center. Dr. Padam’s 20 years of

    • AUGUST 13, 2021
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    Webinar: Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

    Learn how to prevent hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries. Finding yourself sitting in front of a computer can be tough on your body. Join us and Healthy Hands in an interactive space to learn more about ergonomics, posture, and basic stretching. Learn techniques to help alleviate the Work From Home Fatigue and get your

    • AUGUST 6, 2021
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    Overnight Oats

    Overnight Oats Oats are incredibly nutritious and a great option for breakfast. They are super filling and are packed with protein. Oats are a great breakfast food for everyone but especially for those conscious about their sugar and cholesterol levels. Beta-glucan, a fiber found in oats, “could increase the excretion of cholesterol-rich bile, thereby reducing

    • JULY 23, 2021
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    A CHICKPEAk into Healthy Options

    by Simirthi Kaur Singh The first thought that pops into our mind when thinking of protein tends to be some sort of meat.  However, at times when meat is not an option or not available or for vegetarians there are other sources of protein out there.  In this article, we will go over the nutritional

    • MAY 8, 2021
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    Our Approach

    Managing one’s health is a complex issue. There are many resources available yet not enough support or tools to help with follow through. We equip our clients with tools to realize their full health potential at any age. We go beyond the traditional dictate of “eat less, move more”. Our compassionate, non-judgmental focus is on

    • DECEMBER 13, 2020
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    Wellness How do we implement wellness? After establishing care or your first physical, we can schedule an extensive evaluation that includes vision, body fat measurement (InBody 570), lifestyle evaluation of your over health that includes nutrition, sleep, fitness assessment, posture that includes a report that creates a personalized, educational, and data-driven roadmap to health for every patient.

    • DECEMBER 13, 2020
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    Weight Loss

    About seven out of 10 Americans are overweight or obese, which significantly increases their risk of a wide range of health problems. If you’re struggling to lose weight, San Mateo Primary Care can help. They offer personalized weight-loss programs at their concierge practice in San Mateo, California, combining nutrition counseling and lifestyle medicine to help