• Quinoa (Keen-wah) For Thought!

    Quinoa (Keen-wah) For Thought!

    What do we know about Quinoa? How does it compare to other cereals/grains? Is it expensive? It is a seed grown in South America. It is a pseudo-cereal — its used as a grain but not really a grain. It is a carbohydrate. Rich in fiber and high quality protein (meaning it contains essential amino acids which are

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  • Fiber: The Complex Carbohydrate - Made Simple!

    Fiber: The Complex Carbohydrate - Made Simple!

    Fiber is a complex undigested carbohydrate and through this article, I will answer some basic questions on fiber and how it is beneficial to you ! What does complex undigested mean ? How is it a carbohydrate and yet does not break down to sugars in the body? It adds bulk to the food. Unlike other carbohydrates, fiber cannot

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